Rogier Houwen (b. in Laren, The Netherlands in 1992) uses the photographic medium
to explore and stretch perception.

In his latest work, he questions the boundaries of photography by decomposing
the process: retouching ink, darkroom equipment, chemicals, unexposed negatives
and blank sheets of paper replace the traditional use of the camera.

Rogier lives in Amsterdam and works as a printer for Willem Diepraam
and the collection of the Rijksmuseum.


University of the Arts Utrecht, Bachelor of Arts, Photography, Graduated in 2015
Internship with Peter Svenson at the AAP-Lab, Analogical Photoprinting, 2014

  • Unseen, Amsterdam, 2017
  • Haute Photographie, Rotterdam, 2017
  • Rare, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, 2016
  • In Persuit Of, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, 2016
  • Amsterdam Art, Museumplein, Amsterdam, 2016
  • Haute Photographie, Rotterdam, 2016
  • Scapes, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, 2016
  • This Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, 2015
  • Windows, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, 2013